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Survey of 500 players (US based)

  • The average Pokemon Go player was 29 years old with a household income of €46,500.
  • 84% of Pokemon Go players have visited a business while playing the game, and 84% of those players were women.
  • 51% of Pokemon Go players visited a business for the first time while playing the game.
  • 71% of Pokemon Go players have visited a business simply because there was a PokeStop or gym near the location.
  • 86% of Pokemon Go players have visited a restaurant while playing the game; 47% have visited a coffee shop, 38% a grocery or convenience store, 26% a bar or pub, and 23% clothing or accessory stores.

59% male / 41% female / 43% of player base are between 25-44 / median age 33 and 71% having a household with children.

On average, Pokemon Go players spent €10 at the businesses they visited while playing.

Niantic runs various events throughout the year at select locations, some are ticketed and limited to certain numbers, in 2019 700,000 people attending these events. 

In Europe these locations so far have been in Dortmund, Copenhagen, Prague, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm, they were due to run a Liverpool event this year but was cancelled due to COVID-19.

So instead for their big 2020 event, they’ve sold tickets to allow trainers play during July 25th and 26th from 10:00 to 20:00 from anywhere in the world with many extra bonuses available.

Trainers from all over the country taking part will travel to bigger towns and cities to get the most from this experience, this would have been a great example of showcasing Clonmel as a place to visit and place. 

Pokémon GO 2019 event stats

Location Date Attendees KM Walked Pokemon Caught
Chicago June 2019 60,0000 290,000 15 million
Germany July 2019 400,000 400,000 28 million
Japan Aug 2019 150,000 ? 24 million
Canada Sept 2019 166,000 166,000 7 million
Taiwan Oct 2019 327,000 4.5 million 50 million
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