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Pokemon Go

The most mainstream AR game to date launched in July 2016. Millions ventured out to towns, parks and mountain trails to catch new Pokémon.

The main aim is to walk and encounter Pokémon on your journey to catch and battle with. You can spin Pokéstops (POIs) to recieve pokeballs to catch and receive other items like potions and berries.


The most popular being Pokémon Go, which uses POIs for two reasons.

  • Gyms

    Gathering spot to meet with other players, connect to battle and to gain control of the gym to level up your badge to gold.

  • Pokéstops

    Used to receive items from and gathering spot for meetups, creating walking efficient loops around the town, park and walking trails.

The game rewards you for walking and exploring.

Above left: various stats are tracking from walking, pokemon caught, pokestops spun. When interacting with POIs you can also pick up a gift that you can send to an in game friend from around the world for them to receive items in return.

Each Pokémon can be powered up using candies which can be earned from catching similar species.

Along with Pokéstops you’ll encounter gyms where you can leave your Pokémon to battle other trainers and earn coins for in game items. Here you can also team up with other players to battle large bosses.

On your nearby you’ll see 9 Pokémon that are currently near the photo so you can travel there to catch them for a limited time.

Over the course of your gameplay, you’ll can catch over 800 Pokémon to add to your collection, use them to battle with other trainers and also trade with them.

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