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Utility Boxes

I became aware of the Dublin Canvas project after receiving some gifts from players in Dublin, it’s a really great initiative to enhance the local area.

There’s plenty of opportunities around the town to take on something like this, to improve the visual appeal of their surroundings during their commutes to work or during their daily walks.Apart from these boxes – rubbish bins could be given new life with some added artwork, being more visual, putting the emphasis on them and hopefully assisting with people availing of them more. This is an example of a POI in Dublin. More details at https://www.dublincanvas.com

For example, a persons face could be painted here, with the bushes being the hair and taking advantage of the surrounding area, there’s plenty of these around the town and especially beneficial that many are located at/near housing estates which would give players living there a way to interact with the game, accessibility to people with disabilities, or someone who is ill and can’t go out.

Having POIs created like this encourages people to branch out from the town centre to do larger loops while playing and see more of the town and these amazing artworks to take photos of and sharing online. A hashtag could be mentioned on the artwork and publicise these.

Just taking the Cashel Road into consideration there are 5 specific areas that could be transformed thanks to local artists, the artwork could highlight local historical monuments, famous locals or of flora/fauna, maybe even having local companies/businesses to sponsor these to promote their premises.

Cashel Road, Clonmel
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