Aims — Toarism    


The main aim for getting in touch is to connect with the tourism board and to take advantage of the AR surge.
This will only continue to grow and will continue to evolve as technological advances are made

To help to build up the town as a great place to visit to play these AR games, to tour around, get some dinner and maybe stay a weekend.

As far as I’m aware nobody has tried to connect with their local authority or local tourism board to try and take advantage of the AR games to get as many POIs as possible in these various games. 

Having a local tourism board getting on board with this would bring lots of press to be the first place to actively embracing AR and all the health/tourism benefits of it. 

To have Clonmel as a must-visit place to make the most of their AR playing experience.

To bring attention via forms of plaques, artworks, signage and other items that will even benefit people not playing AR games in various locations around the town such as walls (along the Quay for example), footpaths and on buildings and in recreational areas.The game gives all locations an even playing field. Each grid can have a maximum of 1 POI in each grid, meaning the larger grids can hold a maximum of 64. 

Take for example Waterford City (right), which has a maximum total of 39 POIs in a grid still leaving lots of spaces for improvement. Kilkennys highest at 31, Dublin city having a maximum of 58 in 1 grid but other grids nearby are much lower. 

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