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Leveraging The Suir Blueway

The Blueway has been a massive success, it could be enhanced to become a must-visit trail for AR player from all over the country, to take advantage of the walking path from Clonmel to Carrick-on-Suir by adding POIs along the whole route.

This would be a nice first to enhance a walking trail with a fantastic AR experience.

Each grid is divided into 8*8 cells – each cell can store 1 POI, the width of each cell is 53*74 metre. The area of the grid is 425*594 metres.

The largest distance of interaction would be just 372 metres.

Any player travelling to take advantage of this great gameplay opportunity would always see another POI to interact with in game and hopefully encourage them to continue walking along the route.

Also, with gyms there is a reward for continuing to interact with them over the course of day/weeks/months. As a player, you can control a maximum of 20 at one time, so having a route with 50+ would have them returning over long periods.

Having such a great game board would entice more people to the Suir Blueway and be a great spot to find other players to befriend and walk alongside while playing.

A number of game features benefit from having a group of players coming togeter – battling gyms and bosses.

Snorlax blocking the Suir Blueway

Present Day





Possibilities with 60 new POIs





Current Status

Below is a current scan of POI along the Suir Blueway.

At the convent bridge, there’s a number of plaques, the new walkway from there to the old bridge is rife for information boards, footpath embedded plaques, art installations and decorative wooden sculptures and maybe the introduction of 1km trail markers.

Apart from the Footbridges and the football pitch, there plenty of grids to fill, with many areas that could be filled at both sides of the walkway.

From town centre headed towards Mulcahy Park and onto Carey’s Slip

And further along heading towards Mulcahy Park, the Blueway Informational Boards and the Maps were very beneficial, some other new items would be great to have.

Ferryhouse to Killaloan direction
Kilsheelan town

Future Opportunities


From informational boards, 1 km markers plotted along the route. Other panels pointing visitors to other historical monuments, buildings and other scenic locations located outside the Suir Blueway.

Ideas for additional POIs that could be added along the Suir Blueway

Wood bird feeders, decorated stones, nature signs for flowers and trees. Informational plaque, slates with quotes and little poems from famous local poets or young local ones.

The plaques could be used to publicise local historical monuments, buildings and people. To give them a brief introduction and qr code, link to bring them to a website with more details, in doing so the visitor enjoying the Suir Blueway gets to read these while they walk and entice them to stay and visit the town/villages during that time or come on a future trip.

Other options to have 1km trial markers along the route, either attached to a pole or painted onto the pathway. Painted artwork along the route at various stages, nature signs with photos and details of flora or fauna that can be seen nearby.

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