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Pikmin Bloom

Niantic have teamed up with Nintendo to launch are AR game using their characters.

Begin journey with Pikmin and feed them with nector, receive seedlings to plant, which grow with each step you make.

Pikmins give you petals, which you can store and plant as you want. The flowers appear on the map, the more you loop around the larger the area of growth becomes.

Along the way you will encounter POIs where if you plant lots of flowers a massive flower will grow. Depending on the number of petals you store you will have a limited time to drop petals as you walk, after this time your route will appear with a summary.

Depending on your player level you can have a set number of Pikmin’s following you, the more you play/walk the more Pikmins you receive and in turn receive more petals to drop as you walk.

Each day you’ll get a summary of your steps walked and you can leave a little photo/note memory to look back on or be reminded of each year.

You’ll also see flowers planted by other players and if you’re friends in game you will see them on the map.

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