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13 04 2022

Niantic announce Peridot

Modernising tamagotchis, allow people to have their own AR creature to play with, feed and explore with. Allowing you to raise them, teach them new tricks and also diversify them with other explorers.

12 01 2022

New Inn New Gyms

Small village currently with 3 Pokéstops. The village is positioned nicely with 4 grids in the centre.

The current stops being the Church, plaque for Lena Rice and a religious statue with a free grid top right.

The free grid contains 2 pubs, an old blacksmiths hut and a GAA club.

The church grid contains an old female school and religious grotto.

The plaque grid contains a community centre and tennis courts.

The religious statue contains an information board detailing local walking routes.

This will hopefully yield 3 gyms and 1 extra pokéstop with the possibility of 3 extra stops.

15 12 2021

Grid Efficiency

Wilderness area began with just one Pokéstop for the Church of the Resurrection.

After a couple of walking trips there I noticed a number of murals in a grassed area and submitted the Pokémon related one, this was approved, and later another mural was submitted and successfully approved.

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You can now appeal at failed decision - a max of one per month to be reviewed by a Niantic staff member. #
02 12 2021

Route Planning

The ability to submit walking routes in game. This feature will arrive soon to Pokèmon Go allowing trainers to create fun and enjoyable walking routes in their location.

In the future this might be used to create route walking days to easily meet up with other players and have a nice afternoon walk together.

Right now in Ingress you can submit missions so players locally or visitors can find enjoyable walking routes in the village/town/city while viewing various POIs.

In order or to take your preferred path to visit all POIs on route.
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20 11 2021

Nearby Discoveries

Took an early morning walk to a new gym and popped into a housing development to check out a pond I had noticed on google maps.

Firstly I came across the pond and was surprised to see a walking path around it and railings, the was a slope nearby so climbed this to get a better view and noticed some ruins in the distance.

I didn’t climb upwards to see if there was more due to walking the dog at the time but does look like an old fireplace, unfortuantely nothing online in relation to this or noted on the archaeology map of Ireland.

I look forward to researching and hopefully finding more out about this.

05 11 2021

Suir Island House Plaque

Nice to see another plaque added in Clonmel which was recently unveiled by Minister Heather Humphreys. 

Will take a trip that way to see if it’s currently accessible and if it’s positioned in an empty cell.

30 10 2021

Appearance of new Gyms

Woke to find a thread on reddit mentioning the appearance of lots of new stops and gyms. Drove around to discover 3 pokéstops which had turned into gyms. 

All gyms appears in areas which didn’t fit the criteria, 2 grids didn’t have enough POIs to merit a new gym and the 3rd gave a 4th gym in a grid which is unheard of.

Niantic are investigating, which might lead to the imminent removal of these.

Note: If they are removed one won’t have a possibility to return, the other would need 12 new POIs added but the new close to Mulcahy park would stay as I’ve since added 2 new POIs to take that grid to a total of 6.

Edit: Two of those extra gyms have been removed, 1 remains as 2 POIs were approved in the grid during this time.

29 10 2021

Grave New Discovery

We have previously made a visit to Ballyneill which has a pokéstop and gym but just a couple of kms away is Kilmurry Graveyard. 

Which contained an existing pokestop of the church ruins, with the charge to allow a pokéstop appear in each cell regardless of space from an existing poi I submitted the statue of Jesus.

Edit: This has since been approved producing a new gym for another trip, due to the hidden nature of the graveyard I would assume it would be unoccupied.

02 10 2021

Afternoon trip to Kildanogue

A trip to Kildanogue Wildfowl Santuary & Nature Reserve today which should yield a number of Pokéstops and 2 gyms. 

This is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and multiple walking routes, nice for a relaxing afternoon and dotted with 3 little huts along the way to shelter from any rain.

Along the way we stopped off in Goatenbridge and found a plauqe at the GAA club, if approved this will give the villages its first gym and it does have the opportunity for 2/3 more stops but lack of footpath is unfortunate.

We headed home by Newcastle and took photos of the community hall and local GAA club had a plaque at the entrance which should give the village another gym and few more stops.