Route Planning — Toarism    
02 12 2021

Route Planning

The ability to submit walking routes in game. This feature will arrive soon to Pokèmon Go allowing trainers to create fun and enjoyable walking routes in their location.

In the future this might be used to create route walking days to easily meet up with other players and have a nice afternoon walk together.

Right now in Ingress you can submit missions so players locally or visitors can find enjoyable walking routes in the village/town/city while viewing various POIs.

In order or to take your preferred path to visit all POIs on route.

Creating a mission allows you to turn this into a fun treasure hunt adding clues for people to decipher and locate the correct location.

Name, description and logo which player will obtain on completion of the mission.

Nice graphic images can be created to use as a medal reward for people completing these missions which will be displayed on the player’s profile screen.

Select POIs for inclusion in the walking mission

Any existing POI can be selected for inclusion in the walking mission with any distance in between to create short or long missions that could take hours or days to complete.

Once missions are selected you can pick an interaction required to tick this off your mission such as hacking or taking control of the POI in game.

When a mission is completed it will be sent for review and once approved will appear in game.

Clusters of POIs in Clonmel and surrounding areas

A day later and the mission was approved and awaiting the first player to complete and track their time to work out an average. Completed missions will appears as red and those badges will appear on the players stats.