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30 10 2021

Appearance of new Gyms

Woke to find a thread on reddit mentioning the appearance of lots of new stops and gyms. Drove around to discover 3 pok├ęstops which had turned into gyms. 

All gyms appears in areas which didn’t fit the criteria, 2 grids didn’t have enough POIs to merit a new gym and the 3rd gave a 4th gym in a grid which is unheard of.

Niantic are investigating, which might lead to the imminent removal of these.

Note: If they are removed one won’t have a possibility to return, the other would need 12 new POIs added but the new close to Mulcahy park would stay as I’ve since added 2 new POIs to take that grid to a total of 6.

Edit: Two of those extra gyms have been removed, 1 remains as 2 POIs were approved in the grid during this time.