Grid Efficiency — Toarism    
15 12 2021

Grid Efficiency

Wilderness area began with just one Pokéstop for the Church of the Resurrection.

After a couple of walking trips there I noticed a number of murals in a grassed area and submitted the Pokémon related one, this was approved, and later another mural was submitted and successfully approved.

Thanks to Niantic removing the 20 metre range limit to allow one POI per grid regardless of spacing 2 more mural submissions were made.

Due to the position of the grid it was possible to submit 2 more which have just been approved giving 4 POIs in close range and lots of other Pokéstops and Gyms in walking distance giving the area a great gameplay experience without having to walk far.

The Wilderness estate is now home to 9 Pokéstops and 4 gyms.