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13 04 2022

Modernising tamagotchis, allow people to have their own AR creature to play with, feed and explore with. Allowing you to raise them, teach them new tricks and also diversify them with other explorers.

30 10 2021

Woke to find a thread on reddit mentioning the appearance of lots of new stops and gyms. Drove around to discover 3 pokéstops which had turned into gyms. All gyms appears in areas which didn’t fit the criteria, 2 grids didn’t have enough POIs to merit a new gym and the 3rd gave a 4th […]

29 10 2021

We have previously made a visit to Ballyneill which has a pokéstop and gym but just a couple of kms away is Kilmurry Graveyard. Which contained an existing pokestop of the church ruins, with the charge to allow a pokéstop appear in each cell regardless of space from an existing poi I submitted the statue […]

02 10 2021

A trip to Kildanogue Wildfowl Santuary & Nature Reserve today which should yield a number of Pokéstops and 2 gyms. This is a beautiful area with lots of wildlife and multiple walking routes, nice for a relaxing afternoon and dotted with 3 little huts along the way to shelter from any rain. Along the way […]